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Beating a Dead Horse

Aug 30, 2018

This week, we return to Star Wars and complain about the first movie, chronologically speaking! From Jar-Jar (you know we're gonna talk about him) to how Qui-Gon is just the absolute worst, this episodes got it all!

Aug 23, 2018

Jackson is far, far away living the dream of all weebs. Meanwhile, Sean is stuck without his usual cohost, so we'd like to introduce our first ever guest, Cori!

Cori brings with her Little Miss Sunshine, a surprisingly funny exercise in misery!

Aug 16, 2018

This is a very special episode for us. We're both in town together, we got to sit down and watch the film together, its all about togetherness.

Its also a nightmare of a movie with a mind boggling plot, an insane cast and no explanation of how it came to be.

Aug 9, 2018

In this episode Jackson comes clean, Sean becomes the villain and we talk all about the wild switching between incredibly dark moments and happy time road-trip that is The Darkest Minds!


Also, we have bonus shout-outs to the Art Your Way Foundation, a non-profit that looks to work with bullied youth through art!


Aug 2, 2018

Mission Impossible: Fallout feels like an old school action movie in the best possible way - hear us discuss this as well as how death and tension really help it out!