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Beating a Dead Horse

Jul 29, 2021

Shrek 2 sits in a weird place for us. We both had a grand time watching it, but we can't help but be left a bit.... Mixed on the whole experience. We dig into the highs, the lows, the purposes of referential humor and, of course, CATS.

Jul 22, 2021

The Star Wars Ep. I defenders have logged in. Well, kind of. Because it's a bad movie. A very bad movie. And yet, we can't stop acting like it's actually great?


Our Blockbuster reference:

Red Letter Media: Star...

Jul 15, 2021

To be clear: We don't think E.T. is a bad movie, just that it's been referenced and iterated on so many times, you can probably safely skip the source without missing much more than a traumatizing alien.

Our Blockbuster reference:

Jul 8, 2021

Blockbuster Weeks starts, unsurprisingly, with the first blockbuster. But we can't just talk about Jaws, oh no, we have to dissect the entirety of literature first because our brains are definitely normal and good.


Our Blockbuster reference:

Jul 1, 2021

Independence Day: Resurgence is pointless. It's a waste of money and resources. Don't watch it. Don't listen to this episode. Watch these video essays instead.

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